Alamohan Das

Alamohan Das
Born Surendra Mohan Das
Khila-Boruipur, Howrah, Bengal, British India
Died 1969
Occupation Industrialist

Alamohan Das (Bengali: আলামোহন দাশ) (18951969) was a pioneering industrialist and politician.

Early life

Hailing from a poor peasant family in the Howrah district of India, he had little education as a child. He started his business career when he was just 14 years old selling small things, but gradually switched over to industrial items. He established the industrial township of Dasnagar in the Howrah district.[1]

India Machinery Co.

In 1930, he founded the India Machinery Co., which, according to Government reports, was one of the few companies that produced machines of grade 1 category. Amongst the products of the company were lathes, weighing machines, textile manufacturing machines, and printing machines.[2]

Political career

In independent India's first election in 1951, he won a seat in the West Bengal state assembly, contesting as an independent candidate from Amta (Vidhan Sabha constituency).[3]


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